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Bath Fizzy
Bath Fizzy
Bath Fizzy
Bath Fizzy
Bath Fizzy
Bath Fizzy

Bath Fizzy


Bath Fizzy DIY Kids Activity Set from Happiness at Home Collection (click here to see collection).

1 Bath Fizzy DIY Kids Activity Set includes all the ingredients you need to make Pink and Blue Bath Bombs:

2x Mixing Bowls

2x Mixing Sticks

Dry Ingredients:

2x Epsom Salt Sachets

2x Fizzy Powder Sachets

2x Baking Soda Packs

Liquid Ingredients:

2x Essential Oil Vial

2x Food Coloring Vial

Are you ready to make your own Bath Fizzies for the ultimate bath time fun? Drop the Bath Fizzies in the water to see them fizz and make your bath water change colors!

Watch the complete Video Tutorial to make the Bath Fizzies on our IGTV!

Don’t forget to share your photos and videos of your creations and tag us on our Instagra@poppurikids.

DRY AND LIQUID INGREDIENTS: Epsom Salt (by Organic Supply), Food-Grade Citric Acid, Food-Grade Baking Soda, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (by Bertolli), Essential Oil (Lala Frank by Organic Supply), Red Food Coloring, Blue Food Coloring, Mineral Water

Best Before Date: 6 Months after Purchase

Please ensure adult supervision is present at all times while kids are playing with the Bath Fizzy Activity Set and Bath Fizzy products.