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Playdough Soap
Playdough Soap
Playdough Soap
Playdough Soap

Playdough Soap



Playdough Soap DIY Kids Activity Set from Happiness at Home Collection (click here to see collection).

1 Playdough Soap Set includes all the ingredients you need to make your very own Playdough Soap:

1x Mixing Bowl / Storage Container

1x Plastic Mixing Spoon

1x Dough Powder

1x Dusting Powder

1x Olive Oil

1x Baby Bath

1x Food Coloring Vial

3x Playdough Shape Molds

Makes approximately 180g of Playdough Soap

Get ready for some DIY fun! Make your own Playdough Soap that you can play with just like Playdough. Put the Playdough Soap under running water and watch as it magically turns into soap! Now, washing your hands and taking a bath will be so much fun with Playdough Soap!

Watch the complete Video Tutorial to make the Playdough Soap on our IGTV!

Don’t forget to share your photos and videos of your creations and tag us on our Instagra@poppurikids.

DRY AND LIQUID INGREDIENTS: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (by Bertolli), Hypoallergenic Hair and Baby Bath (by Johnson & Johnson), Cornstarch, Red / Yellow / Blue Food Coloring

Best Before Date: 6 Months after Purchase

Please ensure adult supervision is present at all times while kids are playing with the Playdough Soap Activity Set and Playdough Soap products.