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Bath Paints
Bath Paints
Bath Paints

Bath Paints


Bath Paints Kids Activity Set from Happiness at Home Collection (click here to see collection).

1 Bath Paints Kids Activity Set is the complete art set with everything you need to have a fantastic art time fun at home, includes:

150ml Red Bath Paints

150ml Yellow Bath Paints

150ml Blue Bath Paints

1x Paint Palette

3x A5 Watercolor Paper

1x Mixed Brush Set (includes Sponge Brush)

Let your imagination run free with Bath Paints and express your artistic creativity through colors! You can use Bath Paints freely on any bathroom surface and clean up is a breeze, simply wipe clean with a wet cloth.

You can even mix paints to create secondary colors. Bath Paints can help your little ones enhance color recognition and creativity through color exploration.

Watch the complete Video Showcase of the Bath Paints on our IGTV!

Don’t forget to share your photos and videos of your creations and tag us on our Instagra@poppurikids.

INGREDIENTS: Hypoallergenic Hair and Baby Bath (by Johnson & Johnson), Cornstarch, Red / Yellow / Blue Food Coloring, Water

Best Before Date: 2 Months after Purchase

Please ensure adult supervision is present at all times while kids are playing with the Bath Paints Activity Set and Bath Paints products.