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How to Measure

All measurements are in cm. Using a tape measurer, get measurements of your little one's:

Lingkar Dada Anak
Measure below the armpits, around the chest.

Measure the length from the top of shoulder to the knee.

To find your child's standard size:

Lingkar Dada Anak  ÷ 2, then + 2 cm = Lebar Dada Baju

Check each of our product's Size Detail in the description and find the most suitable Lebar Dada Baju and Panjang.

Example Size Detail :
 Size Lebar Dada Baju Panjang
1Y 25 47
2Y 27 49
3Y 28 51
4Y 29 55
5Y 31 59
6Y 33 63
7Y 35 67
8Y 37 71
Example Size Choice:
Lingkar Dada Anak = 50 cm
(50  ÷ 2 = 25 cm), + 2cm
Lebar Dada Baju = 27 cm 
Size = 2Y

If you require any assistance in measuring and selecting sizes, please feel free to contact us and we will give you further assistance via WhatsApp.