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Sorrel Dress in Sage
Sorrel Dress in Sage
Sorrel Dress in Sage
Sorrel Dress in Sage

Sorrel Dress in Sage


The Sorrel Dress in Sage from Flourishing Finery Collection (click here to see collection)
Sizes available for ages 1y to 8y. Also available in Maroon.

Size Detail (in cm)
Size 1Y (standard for 1-2 yo) : LD 27, Panjang 47
Size 2Y (standard for 2-3 yo) : LD 28, Panjang 50
Size 3Y (standard for 3-4 yo) : LD 29, Panjang 53
Size 4Y (standard for 4-5 yo) : LD 30, Panjang 55
Size 5Y (standard for 5-6 yo) : LD 31, Panjang 60
Size 6Y (standard for 6-7 yo) : LD 33, Panjang 64
Size 7Y (standard for 7-8 yo) : LD 35, Panjang 68
Size 8Y (standard for 8-9 yo) : LD 36, Panjang 72

Check our Fitting Guide on how to measure and select your size, or Click Here

Japanese Cotton with Crane & Floral Pattern Print, Sage & Champagne Colour Cotton, Duchess, Cotton Lining.

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